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Chatswood Sleeps Rough 2023 Event Postponed to 2024

Chatswood Sleeps Rough 2023

STEP 1 - REGISTRATION (Postponed to 2024)*Click here to register online. *

(with your own campaign, or donate to the Chamber's donation link below)
== Donate to help both Streetwork & The Salvation Army Chatswood ==
Set up your own MyCause donation page.
(1) Signup your account at MyCause
(2) Under the fundraising option, choose either 'Streetwork' AND/OR 'The Salvation Army Chatswood', (you can choose to add both into your one campaign).
(3) Share your link.
(4) Know you are supporting a good cause and send your link to [email protected]. We'll list your link on our website.

HELP - Your donations will really make the difference this yearJoin the Chatswood Chamber's donation campaign (link below) or set-up your own on campaign - Donate to help both Streetwork & The Salvation Army Chatswood

We invite you to sleep rough with us this year.Enjoy the 2023 event with your family, friends and colleagues while helping to prevent homelessness and reduce domestic violence - Thank you in advance.

Sleeping rough to support the work of The Salvation Army Chatswood and Streetwork to reduce domestic violence and homelessness.

The Annual Chatswood Sleeps Rough event is a community event hosted by the Chatswood Chamber of Commerce kindly supported by the wonderful team at Chatswood Westfield and Orona Packaging for the benefit of The Salvation Army and StreetWork.Thank you deeply for your annual assistance and support to keep this community event running.The monies raised go towards the very valuable work in the reduction of domestic violence and homelessness.

Chatswood Sleeps Rough raises $27567 in 2019

In 2019 the event raised a record $27,567
with thanks to all our sleepers, supporters, friends and family.
We aim to do more this year.

We invite you to sleep rough with us

Your donations here will really help make the differenceDonate to help Streetwork or the Salvation Army Chatswood (click here to help now)

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